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Wellcome to my Internet Site.

Just now the page is still under construction. Im trying hard to present  you the complete spectrum in the following time. So please come back in the next days and weeks.

In the meantime you can contact me via e-mail . Send it to:


If you dont know me at all and have heard of me at least in the Internet: Here are some personnel data:

Working place: Office of the GE Air Force, Cologne, GERMANY


Sportplatzstrasse 4

51147, COLOGNE , Germany

Im living here since July 2004, when I came home from Holloman AFB, NM, USA.

My hobbys are at the one hand my computer(s), which I built on my own, and on the other hand Im very interrested in genealogics and the roots of my name. If you happen to know anything about this, please share your information with me and send me an e-mail.